24 August

Get turned up and get ready to party! BASH marks the finale where you get to spend the night celebrating and partying at a club with your new university friends, both freshmen and seniors alike. Enjoy the night as BASH candidates showcase their personalities and talents through exciting performances, along with music and games that are sure to keep you entertained through the night! Stand to walk away with exciting prizes in the lucky draw, as well as unforgettable memories of a night that is sure to be lit! Conclude your FOP with a blast as the new SoC King and Queen will be crowned at the end of BASH. Stick around for the afterparty as the real fun has only just begun! See you there!

I don’t like clubbing, really. But BASH? It’s a game changer. Have you ever walked into a club where everyone knows everyone? Yeah, me neither until BASH. The ambience was warm and comfortable; surrounded on all sides by friends, everybody was able to just be themselves, go all out and have fun! There were drinks, sick music, drinks, cool lights flashing around, more drinks. 11/10 would recommend and I’ll see you at 2018’s BASH!
Nicklaus Ong, Year 1 Business Analytics Student
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