6 August

As part of NUSSU RAG & FLAG event, FLAG provides students with the opportunity to give back to society. Apart from FLAG day - a one day activity for students to go around Singapore for fundraising, Beneficiary Engagement Day (BEDs) are also organized for students to interact with our beneficiaries. All the funds raised will go to our beneficiary – Fernvale Gardens School – to improve the student welfare and support their operations. We encourage you to join us as a volunteer to engage in fun-filled activities and have a good time with the students! This will make your FLAG day experience more meaningful knowing who you’re really flagging for!

It had been quite some time since I’ve wanted to do something meaningful in my life. Thus, being involved with Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) during the Beneficiary Day 2017 gave me a great opportunity to help children who were not as fortunate as me. It warms my heart when I saw the intellectually disabled children smile and were having fun while enjoying the activities that we’ve prepared for them in school. This made me realized that genuinely spending time with them brings simple happiness to them. Nevertheless, I hope to continue to volunteer at MINDS for many semesters to come as it always feels good volunteering out of goodwill!
Gervaise Ang, Year 1 Computer Engineering Student
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BED was a meaningful experience and left me with deep memories while I embarked my new journey in NUS School of Computing, giving back to the society. After the first engagement, it was an eye opener for me to see how the caregivers and teachers catered to different children with different needs and adjust their attitude towards them accordingly. I must admit it was not easy as I was not trained nor fully prepared to deal with situations where there’s a sudden mental breakdown which I experienced it in my first engagement. I felt regretful as I do not know what to do. Hence, I observed and learnt as much as I could from the teachers and make an improvement in myself to better cater to these children during my second engagement experience. Overall, BED gave me an insightful learning experience and things I never once knew about these children. I learnt so much about their needs and the difficulties in portraying their feelings up front as well as discovering the distinct talent in each child.
Rachel Tan, Year 1 Computer Science Student
FLAG and the Beneficiary Engagement Day (BED) is an opportunity that you will have to raise funds for and interact with special needs children from Fernvale Gardens School. In BED, we were able to interact with them, understand them, feel for them. They were so happy to welcome us! Their cheery laughter was contagious, and it’s really the simple things that one remembers like the way they called us Kor Kor and Jie Jie as they invited us to play with them. And this was a timely reminder for us as we embarked on a new chapter in life. You have two hands; one is for helping yourself and the other is for helping others.
Nicklaus Ong, Year 1 Business Analytics Student
I am very thankful that BED was organized for us as it provided me with an opportunity to give back to the community. Spending time with the less privileged children made me realize the little things I often take for granted, which motivates me to make the best out of the short session I have with them by bringing joy to their lives. Upon interacting with these children, FLAG day became more meaningful for me because I know who I am flagging for and it encouraged me to do my best for these children. I am glad to know that SOC has organized this meaningful CIP activity and I do hope that SOC can organize more of such meaningful engagement sessions.
Koh Zhi Ming, Year 1 Information Systems Student
The Beneficiary Engagement Day (BED) is a great opportunity to contribute back to the community. As volunteers, we get to interact with these students and better understand them. Teachers from Fernvale Gardens School are extremely knowledgeable whenever us volunteers have doubts in approaching the students. Volunteering for BED reminds us of the things that we often take for granted for and allows us to appreciate the little things in life.
Nivian Lee, Year 2 Information Systems Student

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