20 to 23 July
Here's what our seniors say about FOW!

Are you as shy as an awkward penguin to talk to a random stranger in lecture? If you are, FOW is the thing for you! This is the place where I've gotten to know my computing buddies who will stick through tough times! And believe me, tough is really tough. Packed to the brim with fun, engaging and informative activities, come join in to make lasting friendships and seek advice from seniors! It's not to be missed! Hong Shao Yi, Y1 Computer Science

I wasn't sure if I wanted to join FOW or any camp for that matter. However, I'm glad I made the decision to go as i was able to make friends even before the start of uni which is important to any freshmen! Lim Jun Kuang, Y1 Computer Science

Glad to have been part of the FOW camp, where I am able to make friends that would definitely make University life better. Seniors are also really friendly with helping freshman with any queries we have regarding our course of study. Do sign up for the camp if you are able to make it! Chia Ai Fen, Y1 Business Analytics

FOW 2018 was one of my favorite orientation events and gave me the opportunity to make friends in computing whom I still keep til today! The camp was really fun and I’m very glad I went for it! Tan Yi Lin Elaine, Y1 Information Systems

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