8 - 11 June
Here's what our seniors say about FSC!

As an incoming freshman in the year 2018, the School of Computing’s Freshmen Social Camp (FSC) was the first orientation camp I attended, and it set the standard for the subsequent orientation camps. The amount of effort put into the planning and execution exhibited by the OGLs and committee was visible. Naturally, this translated into an enjoyable camp of 4 days, which made me excited to be a part of FSC 2019. Pang Kim Jin, Y1 Computer Science

FSC is the best camp that computing has to offer! The experiences I’ve got out of FSC is priceless. It’s a place where you can really let your hair loose and have real fun without being burdened by administrative stuff. It’s the one-stop place to make friends, get important tips from seniors and really just have an enjoyable time! Start your university life right. Start it with FSC! Goh Rui Zhi, Y1 Computer Science

Signing up for FSC was one of the best choices I have made during summer. The activities were enjoyable and well conducted, allowing us freshies to foster new friendships amidst the fun and games. The friends I’ve made and the memorable camp experience will definitely stay with me for a long time to come. Gerren Seow, Y1 Computer Science

I wasn’t expecting much when I signed up for this camp but it actually turned out to be one of the best camps I’ve ever had. I am extremely grateful to have great orientation group leaders who guided my orientation group and ensured that we had fun throughout the game. It was through this camp that i managed to meet many new friends and some of them ever became one of my closest group of friends I have in University! Loh Enn Qi, Year 1 Business Analytics

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