Freshmen Social Camp

11 to 14 June

Beach day! Amazing race! Sleepovers! Want to form a close circle of university friends before the semester even starts? Longing to be a part of a tightly knit community but don’t know where to begin? If so, Freshmen Social Camp is the event for you! From games likeLepak LahtoChiong Ah!, meet fellow freshmen and seniors from all the SoC majors through 4 days of exciting activities. Share moments with one another, create precious memories together and indulge yourself in tons of laughter. All fun, no academics!

Don’t waste your time at home! Sign up now, and you’ll never walk alone!

FSC was definitely one of the highlights of my summer before school started! It really helped me adapt to the varsity culture and I met many new friends through the camp.
Darius Yip, Year 1 Business Analytics Student
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