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Receive-And-Give (RAG) is one of the biggest Freshmen Orientation Projects of SoC. RAG takes place between June to August in preparation for the annual RAG Day performance to show appreciation to our sponsors and public for their generous donations to various beneficiaries during Flag Day.

There are three aspects of the performance: Float, Makeup and Costume, and Dance. No prior experience is required - You'll be learning from the best here in SoC RAG! All freshmen and seniors are encouraged to join SoC RAG to not only share their talents, but also to forge long-lasting friendships and create awesome memories.

Together, let's carve another milestone for SoC RAG. Let's go Comp RAG!

RAG is one of those rare opportunities to make the kind of friends that stick together even after you graduate. If you're the type of person that secretly wants to participate then RAG is one of those openings in your Uni life that automatically pulls you into future student life activities. I really encourage all freshmen to give RAG a chance to brighten up your time in NUS. Some tips from a year 3 to a freshman, overnight ragging is your express pass to getting to know people from SoC (maybe you'll hear some juicy gossip too). From personal experience, I had a lot of fun doing RAG last year. It's the spontaneous suppers and the random singing and dancing sessions that happen in the dead of night that you remember from RAG. If you want an experience like that then just drop by the RAG site and ask "how can I help?" and you'll be swept away by the friendliness of SoC seniors. Hope you're as excited to join SoC as we are to see you!
Dewi Tan, Year 3 Computer Science Student
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What your seniors have to say about RAG!

Every year's RAG has a different theme, but the idea behind it has always been to integrate the freshmen into the SoC family and promote the RAG & FLAG spirit among them. RAG 2017 took the same ideas and took it to new heights, introducing an all new REP program and a much better coordinated show. RAG 2017 was meaningful to me because it was my first RAG experience. RAG gives you an unique experience that is unlike other freshmen orientation projects. Across the timespan of 2 months, you will form stronger bonds and forge deeper friendships than you would at any other camp. Whether you are an incoming freshmen or a senior, there is definitely a place in RAG for you. You should not miss the chance to participate in such a meaningful event in your university life. Join RAG, make friends, leave a legacy behind.
Ng Chee Siang, Year 2 Computer Science Student
RAG? Float, dance, makeup, costume? I couldn’t make sense of how all these could come together to form ‘RAG’. In retrospect, I’m delighted I took the leap of faith and joined RAG with my friends. Through RAG, I have forged friendships where we could all have fun and enjoy our time at SoC together. With very limited opportunities to mingle around and befriending people during school term, RAG serves as a great platform for an interactive and fulfilling experience. We shared memorable late-night sessions touching up on our costumes, slogging through countless rehearsals and trainings, and of course, having fun together. As dancers in RAG, we do not require any background in dance and most people partake RAG without prior dance experience. Learning something new together with friends was sure fun and memorable! I urge you guys to take the leap of faith, give SoC and yourself a chance to experience the epitome of fun before all hell breaks loose when school starts!
Tan Zhe Hao, Year 1 Business Analytics Student
RAG has given me the opportunity to further friendships forged during FSC. In addition to picking up new interests such as dance, it also allowed me to get to know more students, both seniors and freshmen from School Of Computing and made my freshmen experience so much more vibrant and exciting. If you are looking for a fun start to your university life, join RAG and forge new friendships and create memories that will last!
Thaddeus Lim Zhi Yu, Year 1 Computer Science student
As a freshman joining the RAG experience, it has definitely been an interesting and fulfilling journey for me. As I have always wanted to try out dance but never having the chance to take it up, I thought that RAG would be a great opportunity to try dancing. In the end, I have no regrets joining RAG as not only did I make new friends, be it freshmen or seniors, that made my time in school so much better, but I got to have a great freshman experience from practicing for our dance item to helping out behind the scenes with the floats. I am extremely thankful to be part of this journey and I would recommend any freshmen that I meet to join the RAG experience.
Lim Kian Hong, Year 1 Information Security Student

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